RM and Product Development Studies

Competition, customer expectations and regulations brought about an increase in expert engineering calculations needed while companies are developing their products. This situation requires that more useful and economical products be designed and put on the market in a short time without sacrificing product reliability and durability.

Computer-aided design and analysis capabilities play an important role in revealing the risks and advantages that may occur in the product during the product development phase, and in the creation of candidate prototypes. Thus, the number of last minute changes is reduced and the necessary conditions for production are provided. Throughout the entire product development process, designs must be tested. Due to the nature of the problem, some development projects require extensive testing. Establishing a product development team between small and medium-sized companies in the same time frame can cause huge costs. In this case, the most appropriate solution is to transfer product development activities to professional companies interested in this business. In large companies with product development teams, on the other hand, outsourcing of product development activities, which seem smaller than such teams, increases efficiency in order to increase productivity.

Especially in small and medium-sized companies, due to the technology transfer opportunity, it allows the development of next generation products on time and minimizing costs. Otherwise, last-minute changes are sometimes very costly or impossible. At this stage, the comparison “benchmark” has a very important place. Comparison studies provide great convenience for evaluating competing products.

RM Mechatronics provides support to companies that need it in their field of expertise. These areas of expertise;
-Noise, vibration and harshness
-Computational fluid dynamics


Durability has an important place in the product development process. It requires computer aided design and testing. Strength tests are generally carried out by setting up test rigs, and static and fatigue analyzes are performed in computerized design. Before introducing new products to the market, it is useful to make optimization calculations in order to provide the desired features from the product. When a satisfactory result is obtained as a result of these studies, product tests are started.
Noise, Vibration and Harshness
It has another important place in the product development process. Today, health-related regulations and customer expectations require quiet and comfortable products. Our product development and research expertise are listed below under computer aided design.

Computer Aided Design

– Finite element analysis in line with customer expectations
– System and component modeling
– Acoustic modeling
– correlation
– System and component level analyzes
– Forced response analyzes
– Modal analysis
– Panel participation analysis
– Optimization (Optimization)
– Computational fluid dynamics,
– Dynamic and structural analysis of elastic bodies

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