RM Mechatronics was founded in 2007, has provided different projects and services in our country, European Union countries, Balkan countries, Turkmenistan, Africa, Azerbaijan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Arabian Gulf countries. It is still proudly representing our country in the international arena with its ongoing projects.

By cooperating with national and international research institutions and engineering companies, RM Mechatronics has adopted the principle of providing advanced engineering services and consultancy in the industry of our country, providing the knowledge and experience gained in research and development and product development to the service of companies in the production and service sector in a different and innovative way.

RM Mechatronics is a solution partner that provides engineering services to its customers working in different industries and service branches, especially in the amusement park and event sector, from the product project stage to the periodic controls that will last until the end of their working life.

It has a wide range of services covering engineering calculations, design, consultancy, testing and inspection services. It has a dynamic technology hunter structure that prefers to work with partners and service providers in integrity while offering service diversity.

The multidisciplinary staff of RM Mechatronics consists of design and manufacturing, mechanical, electrical, material and metallurgical engineers, who are experts in their fields. They are ready 7-24 to provide their customers with innovative and superior solutions. Especially in educational services and design-based engineering services, academic staff are indispensable dominoes of the staff.