Our Human Resources Idea

It takes imagination to create a successful business idea, and people to make dreams come true. Are you one of these people?

We work in line with lean targets within RM, the most basic of which is; to take the sectoral developments that are safer and renewed every day from theory and put them into practice. In this journey that we started in 2007, we have come a long way to turn this vision into reality. The critical success factor on the road taken has undoubtedly been our employees who share the same vision as us and set their heart on making this vision a reality.

We need colleagues who will join our organization that is growing day by day and will set their heart on our vision.

We have a very simple Human Resources idea: “To offer ourselves and our clients a better day-to-day life by giving humble, honest people the chance to advance in both their personal and professional lives.” We are a group of humble, willing and determined employees who have adopted a simple and honest view of life, who know the importance of people and togetherness. Our biggest goal is to offer ourselves and our customers a better daily life by getting the chance to progress both in our personal and business lives.

If you believe you are one of these people, read on!

What are we looking for in a candidate to join our team?

The most basic point is that the candidate has the necessary skills for the job. However, beyond that, personal characteristics such as modesty, willingness to take responsibility and take action, being friendly and customer-oriented, and being able to communicate openly and honestly are important to us. Our aim is not to fill vacancies, but to recruit teammates who will share our corporate values and vision.

If you think you have these qualifications, please fill out the form below with your handwriting and send it to the e-mail address on our contact page.

İş Başvuru Formu