According to the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment, it is stated that escalators and moving walks should be checked periodically at least once a year. Periodic controls of escalators and bands, whose usage areas such as shopping malls, subway and train stations, airports, hospitals, are widespread, are important for user safety and prolonging the mechanical life cycle.

As RM Mechatronics, we are happy to support the building owners who have the main responsibility for periodic inspections of escalators or bands and the businesses they have assigned, 24/7.

Major headings included in the periodic controls of existing Escalators and Bands are categorized according to TS-EN 115;

  1. Anti-Slip Protection and Control
  2. Protection and Control Against Jamming Between the Handband and the Step
  3. Protection and Control Against Jamming Between Steps and Pallets
  4. Missing Step and Pallet Control
  5. Control of Electrical Feeding with Double Contactor
  6. Checking the Braking Distance
  7. Check Against Falling In The Upper Part Of Hand Holding
  8. Control of Prevention of Climbing the Outer Railings
  9. Control of Preventing Fingers from Jamming on the Outer Railings with Hand Band
  10. Control of Preventing possible jams at the entrance of the hand band
  11. Control of Jamming Between Step Comb and Step / Pallet
  12. Control of Accidents That May Occur Due To Selecting Steps / Pallets
  13. Control of Working Areas in Rotation and Machine Parts
  14. Lighting control in the turning and machine areas
  15. Emergency Stop Button Control in Return and Machine Areas
  16. Control of Protection Measures Against Impacts Caused by Electric Parts
  17. Controlling the Presence of the Emergency Stop Button at Places Reachable by Users in Emergency Situations
  18. Control of Measures Taken Against Accidents That May Result From The Building Structure
  19. Control of Measures Taken Against Accidents Related to Using Shopping / Luggage Cart
  20. Control of Hazardous Material Use

Escalators and moving bands control times and control criteria of lifting and forwarding equipment are taken from the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment.

Equipment Name Examination Period
(Max Time)
(Standards examination periods are taken into account)*
Periodic Inspection Criteria

(Standards are specified in below)**
Escalators and moving bands 1 year if the period is not specified in the standards TS EN 13015+A1 , it is made in accordance with the criteria specified in related standards.

 (*) For the periodic control criterion, reference is made to the standards set out in the table as areference, and the relevant standards which are not mentioned here or published after the date of publication of the Regulation should also be taken into account.