We provide services to our customers who want to guarantee quality all over the world with the experience we have gained through cooperation with leading surveillance, inspection, certification and testing companies.

Factory Acceptance Test Services

  • Comprehensive control for complete operation
  • Documenting functionality through traditional function testing or simulation
  • Verification of contract terms
  • Verification of the availability and quality of documents
  • Ultimate surveillance

Test and Commissioning Services

  • Field testing and commissioning,
  • Temperature, humidity, flow rate, pressure, tightness, etc. tests
  • Employer needs program
  • Design criteria compliance check,
  • Preparing pre-function checklists,
  • Preparation of function checklists,
  • Preparation of test and commissioning report

Product Verification Services

  • Sampling and quality control
  • Quantity and weight checks
  • Dimensional Controls
  • Packaging and marking controls
  • Loading controls before international transportation
  • Packaging controls
  • Damage control
  • Temperature control