Our training services at RM Mechatronics have been developed to connect human resources with the latest technology. The theory and contents of our training program are easily understandable and designed to be used by the participants in practical life. The trainings you attended or the training modules you have purchased should be blended with your personal experiences in order to provide maximum benefit for you and your employees. At this point, expert RM Mechatronics education unit staff provide hands-on practical training as well as highly intensive theory courses.

Carefully composed theoretical and practical course contents were created that our participants can use as a guide throughout their career journey. Practical courses are carried out in fully equipped laboratories in accordance with industrial standards. After our participants complete the training modules and certificate courses, they will be by far the sought after technicians who have expertise in the methods in all the training modules we provide.

RM Mechatronics business partnerships through training unit is one of the leading professional training provider institutions in Turkey.

  • Welding Trainings
  • Welder Training
  • Non-Destructive Testing Trainings
  • Quality Management Systems
  • EN 3834 Trainings are provided.