Welder trainings are classified as sequential training steps, in which theoretical and practical information are transferred and are aimed at developing knowledge and skills. Welder certificates are prepared according to EN ISO 9606-1 for steel welders and EN ISO 9606-2 for aluminum welders.

The validity period of the welder’s certificate is two years from the date of the exam. However, the certificate of the welder who suspends his job for more than six (6) months within this period is canceled. The 6-month working part of the certificate must be signed and approved by the employer or the authorized person responsible for the welders, and it must be proved that the welder has not stopped working.

Participants who will work in the welding workshop are required to use the equipment specified in the following standards.

  • Protective Work Shoes (EN ISO 20345) * belong to the participant.

Welding Mask (EN 175, EN 379)

Leather Gloves (EN 12477: 2001)

  • Leather Apron (EN ISO 11611: 2015 Class 2) * belongs to the participant.