As RM Mechatronics, it offers technical planning for all events such as festivals, concerts, or trade fairs and the following service during the event with its experienced staff.

Pre-Event Consulting Services

  • Consultancy on all technical documents, certificates and structural reports required to be submitted by the suppliers at the tender stage, and control of the submitted documents according to the relevant standards.
  • Regular inspection and reporting service that indicates the finished product or manufacturing status at the supplier site at the tender stage.
  • Event area site valuation and site investigations (wind measurements, ground report evaluation, acoustic evaluation, etc. engineering reports)
  • Field fire, emergency action plan, air conditioning installation etc. control and reporting of mechanical installation status, capacity and documents
  • Structural calculations and reporting in accordance with relevant standards for temporary structures (Truss, tribune, visual element, etc.)
  • Temporary metal structure, decor, etc. visual and carrier system design and static control

Consulting Services Offered During the Event

  • Technical controls and regular inspection reporting of supplier installation and assembly according to relevant international standards
  • Daily control and reporting of supplier installation and assembly according to occupational safety rules and legislation
  • Truss etc. wind, etc. of temporary structures. instantaneously monitoring with the help of wireless anemometer system under dynamic loads
  • Instant truss capacity reports
  • Crime scene reporting in possible accident cases
  • Scoring the materials and services declared by the suppliers during the offer according to the criteria to be determined beforehand technically
  • Reporting of supplier payroll tables to guide future purchases
  • Consultancy in the field of structural engineering within the legal process in possible accident crash situations