An Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) is a document that defines the plan to manage the quality control and assurance of a particular element of their business that provides information about needs. The overview of the methods to be used is documentary in nature to verify the responsibilities and suitability of the relevant parties.

Step 1: Scope Should Be Determined

A simple summary of the scope of work to be applied to the ITP should be attached. It should be understandable to anyone who reads the ITP. Writing off scope is important to avoid understandable sometimes. RM Mechatronics gives you the experience in this regard.

Step 2: Setting the criteria / gathering relevant documents

Other people associate the criteria of the work with drawings and specifications. Instructions and compliance to be typically received and adhered to.

  1. Drawings (including notes on drawings)
  2. Design features
  3. International Standards to be followed
  4. Other standards (e.g. National Structural Steel Specifications)
  5. Manufacturer’s requirements
  6. Necessary requirements
  7. Planning conditions
  8. Control requirements
  9. Legal obligations
  10. The way of doing business
  11. Sectoral examples and comparisons

Step 3: The stages of the cause

When producing an ITP, the chronological question is very useful to think about the delivery stages of the job.

Treatment of material conformity, if it does not require special certification, Factory Acceptance Tests are complete, testing and commissioning … etc.

Step 4: Refining a meal in ITP

It is necessary to select the items of the scope specified in Step 1 of the work written in the ITP, and how it will be awarded a grade and how the criteria will be met, who is involved in the assurance activity, and finally the type of audit or test.

There is no specific standard in the preparation of ITP and our organization develops its own preferred template, therefore RM Mechatronics expert staff is always with you as your solution partner for the smooth and progress of your business.