In line with the competitive environment requirements, companies are working with many suppliers and it becomes increasingly difficult to control these supply chain organizations. Each supply chain organization needs different type of qualification to audit. Quality of raw materials, quality of manufacturing process and final quality checks before shipment are major part for the whole supply chain organization. At that point outsourcing this quality check process will both reduce your companies costs and increase the effectiveness of your inspections.

RM Mechatronics will be appreciated to do your critical suppliers required audits.

RM Mechatronics experienced inspectors will verify if your suppliers are meeting requirements or not.

RM Mechatronics detailed 2nd party audit inspection reports let our clients;

  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, nonconformities for the on going process,
  • To assure that suppliers’ goods and services are compliant with all requirements or not,
  • To minimize the risk of product failures, defects, and related compliance issues,
  • To minimize the risk of your company’s liability with documented safety standards
  • To protect the reputation of your company.