Shelf Systems

Fatigue, changes in shelf configuration and crashes in parallel with the frequency of use and time; the damage caused by the damage causes the shelf carrying capacity to decrease and consequently the possibility of accident increases. RM Mechatronics will always be with you to carry out these checks in order to prevent the possibility of accidents with its expert staff.

TS EN 15635 Steel Static Storage Systems – The application and maintenance standard of storage equipment describes the usage, maintenance and control processes of industrial shelves. According to this standard, industrial shelves must be inspected at least once a year by an expert inspector. According to the same standard, internal controls must be carried out by a trained personnel (PRSES) weekly or in periods to be determined by risk analysis.

The main criteria used in racking systems inspections;

• The outline of TS EN 15635 Standard Content is as follows;
 Business Needs
 Important User Data
 Assembly and Installation
 Shelf Configuration Changes
 Shelf Usage
 Shelf Safety and Damage Assessment
 Changes Requiring Security Assessment

  • TS EN 15512.2009 – Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems – Structural Design Rules
  • TS EN 15620 – Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems – Distortion and Spacing Tolerances
  • TS EN 15629 – Features of Storage Equipment
  • TS EN 15635 – Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment
  • TS EN 15878 – Terms and Definitions
  • TS EN 16681 – Adjustable Pallet Racking Systems – Design Rules for Earthquakes
  • TS EN 15095 + A1 – Powered Mobile Storage Carousel System,

Sorting And Racking System And Storage Lift – Safety Rules