periodic control serviceRM Mechatronic is a type A periodic inspection organization that performs periodic inspection in accordance with the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment No. 28628 and has TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Accreditation.

The main purpose of periodic control is to determine the issues that may harm the health of the employees in the work area in advance and to take the necessary precautions, to provide a comfortable and safe working environment, to protect the employees against occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to create occupational safety.

After situations that could lead to the deterioration of safety in work equipment, such as changes in the way of operation, accidents, natural events or prolonged non-use of the equipment, it should be ensured that necessary checks are made by authorized persons to perform periodic checks in order to identify and eliminate the malfunction in a timely manner and to protect health and safety conditions.

In cases where the safety of the work equipment depends on the installation and assembly conditions, after the equipment is installed and before it is used for the first time and at every location change, the equipment is controlled by people who are competent to perform periodic checks. A Periodic Control report is prepared by RM Mechatronic as a document showing that it is installed correctly and operates safely. RM Mechatronic’s specialized staff for niche sectors are capable of performing periodic control services and technical inspection activities 24/7.