The concept of quality is one of the main factors that increase the competitiveness of enterprises. It is a modular training for your company employees under the leadership of RM Mechatronics experienced training unit, which covers the transfer of the requirements of the TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard to the participants as a Quality Management system approach and the sharing of practical and theoretical information.

It is a training in which the technical terms required for the full perception and implementation of ISO standards are explained. It is processed with samples of standard items. It helps people working in this field speak the same language. It shows what people who will set up a system in businesses should pay attention to. The dynamic training module proposes to build the following building blocks on the participants’ existing disciplinary foundations. When deemed necessary according to the needs of our customers, RM Mechatronics experienced training staff are authorized to prepare niche training programs on selected topics only.